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Ontario Moves to Ban Eye Tattooing, Implanting Eye Jewelry (Peterborough Examiner - November, 2017)

Ontario Moves to Ban Eye Tattooing, Implanting Eye Jewelry (National Post - November, 2017)

Ontario May Ban Eyeball Tattooing After This Model’s Gnarly Injury (Vice - November, 2017)

Eye tattooing, Eye Jewelry Implants to be Banned in Ontario (CTV News - November, 2017)

Ontario Looking to Ban Eye Tattoos After Recent Botched Procedure (Daily Hive – November, 2017)

Ottawa Woman who got Botched Eyeball Tattoo: ‘I’d rather get my eye taken out’ (Global News - November, 2017)

Ontario Working to Ban Eye Tattoos after Woman Injured (CBC News - November, 2017)

Ontario Moves to Ban Eye Tattooing, Implanting Eye Jewelry (Toronto Star - November, 2017)

Standing Committee on General Government - Bill 160, Strengthening Quality and Accountability for Patients Act, 2017 (Hansard - November, 2017) 

The Newsfeed with Kristy Cameron (580CFRA - October, 2017)

Ophthalmologist Dr. John Fowler Receives Career Award (The Spec - October, 2017)

Eye Surgeons Urge Proper Use of Cosmetic Contacts this Halloween (October, 2017)

Why Ottawa Model Appears to Cry Purple Tears ( - September, 2017)

Don't Tattoo Your Eyeballs, Doctors Warn, As Demand Increases for Risky Procedure (NationalPost - September, 2017)

Eyeball Tattoos Could Lead to Blindness and Severe Infections Doctors Warn (ChatNewsToday - September, 2017)

Doctors Warn Eyeball Tattoos Could Lead to Blindness, Severe Infections (Cranbrook Daily Townsman - September, 2017)

Model Awaits Surgery After Eyeball Tattoo Goes Extremely Wrong (HuffingtonPost - September, 2017)

This Woman Got an Eyeball Tattoo and Now She Could Lose Her Eye (Global News - September, 2017)

Ottawa Woman Vows to 'keep promoting awareness' on Eyeball Tattoos (CTV News - September, 2017)

Mississauga Eye Surgeon Wins Innovator of the Year Award ( - September, 2017)

Peterborough Doctor Receives Lifetime Achievement Award ( - September, 2017)

Make Sure Kids’ Eyes and Vision Receive An A+ This School Year (September, 2017)  

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