Each year, the Eye Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (EPSO) honours those few exceptional individuals whose passion, dedication and hard work have contributed to advancing the ophthalmology profession in Ontario.

These awards may not be conferred each year, depending on whether qualifying nominations are received. The award descriptions are as follows:

Innovator of the Year

This award is in recognition of work that has surpassed innovation benchmarks and have moved the practice of ophthalmology forward.

Past Winners Include the following EPSO members:

2019 – Dr. Asim Ali – Corneal Neurotization
2018 – Dr. Rajeev Muni – Pneumatic Retinopexy vs. Vitrectomy (PIVOT)
2017 – Dr. Ike Ahmed – Surgical Treatment of Ocular Trauma
2016 – Dr. Charles Pavlin – Ocular Ultrasonography
2015 – Dr. Myrna Lichter – Visioncare for Homeless Adults
2014 – Dr. Michael Brent – Teleophthalmology Platform
2013 – Dr. Phil Hooper – Vision for Eye Care Delivery
2012 – Dr. Sanjay Sharma – Digital Media Platforms
2011 – Dr. Orest Skrypuch – Onteye

Lifetime Achievement

This award is in recognition of a deserving ophthalmologist whose contributions to the profession have been outstanding, and of positive and lasting quality in the provision of healthcare services.

Past Winners Include the following EPSO members:

2019 – Dr. Patricia Teal & Dr. David Smith
2018 – Dr. S. Joseph Weinstock
2017 – Dr. W. Bruce Jackson
2016 – Dr. Samuel Markowitz
2015 – Dr. Rand Simpson
2014 – Dr. William Dixon
2013 – Dr. Jeff Sher
2012 – Dr. Jeff Hurwitz
2011 – Dr. John Fowler

Excellence for Educational Leadership

This award is in recognition of deserving ophthalmologists who have demonstrated leadership in influencing positive educational change, led significant and sustained initiatives to improve teaching, curriculum, teaching spaces and resources, and policies and procedures that promote effective teaching.

Past Winners Include the following EPSO members:

2017 – Dr. John Fowler

Section Service Award

The Section Service Award is awarded in recognition of significant service to the OMA, the medical profession, and the Section of Eye Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

2019 – Dr. Kylen McReelis


Award recipients must be members in good standing within EPSO. Post humous nominations will be accepted so long as the member was in active status up until the time of their passing, and that they passed in the award year they are being nominated in.

To nominate a colleague, please send an email to membership@epso.ca and include your full name, the contact information for the person you are nominating, and a brief summary describing why you are nominating this individual.