The IOLMaster uses laser technology to measure the length of the eye. Measuring the length of the eye accurately is extremely important in cataract surgery, as it allows the eye surgeon to select the right lens to implant for each patient. The IOLMaster is the latest technology in measuring the length of the eye. It is more accurate than any other method that has been used in the past, including the ultrasound test currently available. The IOLMaster provides an extra piece of information that provides the greatest accuracy possible in choosing the lens for your surgery. In many cases the increase in accuracy provided can reduce the need for glasses after surgery.

IOLMaster testing is considered non-essential and is not covered by OHIP. The ultrasound testing also performed by ophthalmologists and is accurate and is covered by OHIP. IOLMaster testing is an option available for patients who would like the best possible accuracy and the latest and best technology.